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Get all of the benefits of a cloud system with the reliability of a traditional in-house server.

Your restaurant relies on its point-of-sale system to keep things running smoothly. Legacy Systems have a track record of running with reliability. Cloud systems have not been able to achieve the same comfort for reliability but they are working hard to stay current with modern technologies that we expect today such as cloud reporting.


With Hybrid Remote Backoffice, view your data anywhere!

Cut the cord and get out of the office once in a while. While OrderCounter runs on an in-house server, the system functions as your personal cloud.

Online ordering that flows right into your POS

Skip the hefty 25-35% commission fees and control your diner's experience by having them order directly from your website. Online orders flow right into your OrderCounter restaurant point of sale system, thereby streamlining your ordering process.


Keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) make it easy for your back-of-house staff to efficiently fulfill dining, takeout and delivery orders. Let your BOH focus on cooking, not counting.

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